Abraham Lincoln Statue

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I follow a few photoblogs and you can click on some of them in the right column of this blog. Pete Talke and Trey Ratcliff are a couple of them and they are very good photographers, but what makes them more enjoyable is that they have a HUGE repository of shots from all over the world that they can post. I'm not sure how they are able to travel the world as they do and it makes me wildly jealous, especially now that I'm getting into this photography thing more. Me, I can only post the same relative stuff until I run out. If you've followed my blog or my flickr stream you'll know that recently I've been posting a lot of Washington DC stuff. Well, I'm starting to get low on the DC shots, but I will probably save a few for later on... Maybe special occasions like Memorial Day coming up. I hope this doesn't bore too many of you out there, but it's what I have. I think I'll just need to keep getting out there and hone my style to get more of a variety of images to post. With that said...

This shot was taken on the first evening of my recent trip to DC. Right after we checked into the place we stayed, we put on the walking shoes and hit road. We made our way to the Mall and walked all the way down to the Lincoln Memorial. This is the statue of President Lincoln inside the memorial. I took a variety of shots inside, but most were filled with high school kids during their field trips. I think all high school kids from the US were there. Well, at least it seemed like it. So, with all of those kids loitering around, I had to get a little creative. I took one from the side with the Sigma 10-20mm wide angle lens, which worked out well. For this one, I slapped on the kit 18-105mm and barreled my way to the front for a quick set of brackets. I had to be quick about it because I really didn't want to stay in the way of all of those kids, so I'm happy with the result.

I used my standard processing for this one, with some additional modifications. Once I was done with the workflow, I still had a really bad yellow cast on Abe's torso and knees. So in Photoshop CS4, I had to meticulously select those areas with the magic wand and desaturate and color balance them until it looked a little more like the rest of the statue. It still has a little bit of that yellowish in it, but the light there is a little yellow and I wanted it to show some of what you see when you are actually there. That's about it.

One last thing.. If you ever go to DC, don't go during the 2nd half of April, unless you like roaming everywhere with every high school kid in the country. Fall would probably be better since they SHOULD actually be IN school then. JK of course. ;-)


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